High school students creates next generation newspaper

In just two weeks it will go to print. A new kind of newspaper created in cooperation with high school students in Sundsvall, Sweden. A newspaper, not the way we might do it, not the way our editors might do it and not the way our designers might do it.
Well – it´s so far just a prototype. But who knows,  it can be out on the streets faster than our students have dreamed of.

Read about the background at my earlier posting at BDU.NU ”Newsprint for young readers”.

It has been a interesting project, running for about six month. And September 17 it will go to print, on the most modern printing plant in Sweden, MittMedia Print outside Sundsvall.
What will it look like?
What will the content be?

I´ll write more about that later, but first I have promised my friends in SND to present this prototype at the SND congress in Cleveland October 12.

SNDCLE program

Om Svenåke Boström

Works with; media development, graphic design, photo and art.
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