Soon it’s time to say goodbye to Facebook.

1. The Timeline sucks. It is a bad designed interface where the interesting comments not are in focus.

2. I have to choose between ”selected events” or ”latest” and when I select ”latest” this setting is gone next time I open FB.

3. This is the worst: In my friends post I have to decide between ”All updates”, ”Most updates” or ”Only important updates”. What person or what robot in the FB nest can decide for me which updates from MY FRIENDS that are important. AND I have to do this settings for every one of my friends!

If I had designed this environment I had created an option in the settings where users can chose a default setting for all friends. And then maybe make other personal settings for only a few.

When the first real alternative to Facebook comes, I’ll sign up immediately.

Look at this screen shot. Some of many comments about the new mess.

And this another reason to question Facebook:
The secret rules for photos on Facebook

Read and be amazed.
In the US an exposed nipple is more dangerous then firearms!

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